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The Dutch-designed OFYR is the stunning centrepiece to the Blackhouse Bothies courtyard.

The OFYR is a BBQ grill and firepit combined that can be hired for £20 a night during your stay at Blackhouse Bothies.

Burning charcoal or wood in a central fire bowl heats a wide flat rim of steel that becomes your cooking surface. Heat radiates from the centre allowing you to cook at different temperatures on a single hotplate.

There is an additional grill that can be placed above the firepit. This makes flame grilling and BBQing possible.

The use of the OFYR at Blackhouse Bothies will come with charcoal, BBQ utensils (including tongs, turner and the OFYR scraper), as well as a supply of oil for cooking and cleaning the surface.

To start cooking simply oil the surface of the plate where you will be cooking with a small splash of oil and place food item on surface.

Once cooked the hot plate can then be scraped clean, with any residue put back into the fire.